Fabian is a thing of WONDER. He wishes he were a statue, admired by all and touchable by none, impervious to injury. It pleases him to be the object of desire, and yet to have no desires himself. A narcissist who needs recognition, to fill his emptiness and aimlessness. He is a Dorian Gray who knows how to use the power of beauty.

Cast: Benjamin Zawierucha, Hans Peter Holz,
Sabine Bartke
Photographer: Otto Dietrich, Björn Leonhard
Written by: Otto Dietrich
Editor: Huynh Trang Lam
Sound Design: Dirk Specht
Supervising Sound Editor: Judith Nordbrock
Colorist: Daniel Rakete Siegel
Director, Producer: Otto Dietrich

Kühler Grund: 34:44 min, German, English Subtitles, 16:9, HD

gefördert durch — Film und Medien Stiftung NRW

© Otto Dietrich 2018